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Repozitorij Opis Gledatelji Ravnoteža
cjdelisle/cjdns 2696 1.25144737 Ƀ Podrži
jl777/SuperNET_API 1 0.99000000 Ƀ Podrži
6398353?v=3 tip4commit/tip4commit Donate bitcoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 128 0.76850840 Ƀ Podrži
super3/peercoin.net Web files for Peercoin.net 21 0.60817985 Ƀ Podrži
mycelium-com/wallet Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet for Android 245 0.34570294 Ƀ Podrži
2625379?v=3 Bitmessage/PyBitmessage Reference client for Bitmessage: a P2P encrypted decentralised communication protocol: 1878 0.28978770 Ƀ Podrži
14117408?v=3 p2pool/p2pool Peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining pool 598 0.25928784 Ƀ Podrži
activescott/lessmsi A tool to view and extract the contents of an Windows Installer (.msi) file. 200 0.22096079 Ƀ Podrži
hstove/rbtc_arbitrage A gem for automating arbitrage between Bitcoin exchanges. 198 0.19833835 Ƀ Podrži
7401503?v=3 TheFuturistParty/vote A platform for digital debate and voting 9 0.17960887 Ƀ Podrži
arsenische/bitcoinocracy Truth backed by Bitcoin 18 0.16695065 Ƀ Podrži
DonnchaC/oniontip OnionTip is a web app which parses Tor relay data to allow users to tip volunteers for running relay in a fair and open way. 33 0.16335571 Ƀ Podrži
6544863?v=3 37coins/android-gateway
Odvojeno od niryariv/KalSMS
SMSgateway 11 0.15727964 Ƀ Podrži
sferik/t A command-line power tool for Twitter. 4035 0.15505796 Ƀ Podrži
naxuroqa/Venom A Vala/Gtk+ graphical user interface for Tox 251 0.15318177 Ƀ Podrži
7438770?v=3 OpenBazaar/OpenBazaar-Server Server daemon for communication between client and OpenBazaar network 517 0.12922672 Ƀ Podrži
5913247?v=3 syncany/syncany Syncany is a cloud storage and filesharing application with a focus on security and abstraction of storage. 1238 0.12446701 Ƀ Podrži
lian/bitcoin-ruby bitcoin utils and protocol in ruby. 606 0.12297148 Ƀ Podrži
laurentpetit/ccw Counterclockwise is an Eclipse plugin helping developers write Clojure code 192 0.10791000 Ƀ Podrži
1068524?v=3 namecoin/nmcontrol
Odvojeno od khalahan/nmcontrol
Namecoin Control. Pull requests for dns plugin/service please use the dns-dev branch. End users and everyone else please use the master branch. 89 0.10296602 Ƀ Podrži
miguelfreitas/twister-core twister core / daemon 1175 0.10094552 Ƀ Podrži
7588529?v=3 projectskyhook/skyhook Skyhook, the open-source sub-$1000.00 Bitcoin ATM 96 0.09474858 Ƀ Podrži
1068524?v=3 namecoin/Convergence
Odvojeno od moxie0/Convergence
Secure peer-to-peer DNS resolution and HTTPS authentication for Firefox, without certificate authorities, using the Namecoin blockchain. THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED, NEW REPO COMING SOON. 25 0.09118510 Ƀ Podrži
secret-bitcoin-login/indigent-android-bitcoin A guide to setting up a stock android device as a mobile bitcoin appliance for people with few resources. The initial target is to provide a smooth process for panhandlers to receive bitcoin tips. 3 0.08854076 Ƀ Podrži
1068524?v=3 namecoin/libcoin 10 0.08105707 Ƀ Podrži
1892571?v=3 rainforestapp/fourchette DEPRECATED - Your new best friend for isolated testing environments on Heroku. 194 0.08002126 Ƀ Podrži
brianc/node-postgres PostgreSQL client for node.js. 4288 0.07845666 Ƀ Podrži
6002482?v=3 darkwallet/darkwallet Your keys. Your privacy. Your sovereignty. 587 0.07702198 Ƀ Podrži
super3/primecoin.io Web files for Primecoin.io 2 0.05983305 Ƀ Podrži
11049049?v=3 hyperboria/android Android app for mesh networking with cjdns 84 0.05768344 Ƀ Podrži