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99% of deposited funds will be used to tip for new commits.

There is no guarantee that tips will be claimed by developers.

By donating the funds you agree that they can be sent to the Free Software Foundation or elsewhere at Tip4Commit's discretion.

Bridge between Tor Prop279 clients and DNS servers

Balance deposits

0.02979016 Ƀ (each new commit receives a percentage of available balance)

Tipping policies

0%: Obvious spam commits, or anything merged from upstream q.
0.1%: Typo/formatting fixes; not visible to end users.
0.5%: Typo/formatting/wording improvements; visible to end users.
1%: Niche new feature or bugfix.
2%: Significant new feature or bugfix.
5%: Major usability or security fix.

(Last updated by JeremyRand on Sun, 15 Apr 2018 18:33:20 +0000)

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0.00030092 Ƀ

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Donate bitcoins to this project or make commits and get tips for it. If your commit is accepted by a project maintainer and there are bitcoins on its balance, you will get a tip! Just check your email or sign in.

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