Podržavani projekti

Repozitorij Opis Gledatelji Ravnoteža
popcorn-team/popcorn-app Popcorn Time 5648 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
seyhunak/twitter-bootstrap-rails Twitter Bootstrap for Rails 5 - 4.x Asset Pipeline 4526 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
27549181?v=4 jplayer/jPlayer jPlayer : HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery 4444 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
6723827?v=4 rendrjs/rendr Render your Backbone.js apps on the client and the server, using Node.js. 4191 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
575083?v=4 zfsonlinux/zfs ZFS on Linux - the official OpenZFS implementation for Linux. 3916 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
486082?v=4 cython/cython The most widely used Python to C compiler 3847 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
5393950?v=4 primus/primus :zap: Primus, the creator god of the transformers & an abstraction layer for real-time to prevent module lock-in. 3831 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
20551204?v=4 PokemonGoF/PokemonGo-Bot The Pokemon Go Bot, baking with community. 3625 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
1569141?v=4 OpenVPN/openvpn OpenVPN is an open source VPN daemon 3434 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
487568?v=4 NixOS/nixpkgs Nix Packages collection 3292 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
2084673?v=4 spesmilo/electrum Electrum; Bitcoin thin client 3256 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
10235229?v=4 btcsuite/btcd An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang) 3228 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
5951625?v=4 bitcoinj/bitcoinj A library for working with Bitcoin 3167 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
2554930?v=4 bitpay/bitcore A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications 3042 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
7943272?v=4 jsonresume/resume-cli Cli tool to easily setup a new resume 3020 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
nicolasgramlich/AndEngine Free Android 2D OpenGL Game Engine 3012 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
1390178?v=4 MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge Modifications to the Minecraft base files to assist in compatibility between mods. 2840 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
8973961?v=4 cuberite/cuberite A lightweight, fast and extensible game server for Minecraft 2546 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
2137033?v=4 qemu/qemu Official QEMU mirror. Please see http://wiki.qemu.org/Contribute/SubmitAPatch for how to submit changes to QEMU. Pull Requests are ignored. Please only use release tarballs from the QEMU website. 2285 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
930379?v=4 yesodweb/yesod A RESTful Haskell web framework built on WAI. 2036 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
7443552?v=4 vanilla/vanilla Vanilla is a powerfully simple discussion forum you can easily customize to make as unique as your community. 1912 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
1048440?v=4 overviewer/Minecraft-Overviewer Render high-resolution maps of a Minecraft world with a Leaflet powered interface 1868 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
2323242?v=4 remotestorage/remotestorage.js ⬡ JavaScript client library for integrating remoteStorage in apps 1805 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
566635?v=4 osmandapp/Osmand OsmAnd 1758 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
gabrielfalcao/HTTPretty HTTP client mocking tool for Python - inspired by Fakeweb for Ruby 1661 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
Odvojeno od cbuchner1/ccminer
CUDA Open Source miner project, for most nvidia cards 1365 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
luke-jr/bfgminer Modular ASIC/FPGA miner written in C, featuring overclocking, monitoring, fan speed control and remote interface capabilities. 1297 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
13436162?v=4 MetacoSA/NBitcoin Comprehensive Bitcoin library for the .NET framework. 1263 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
joeyh/git-annex Manage large files with git. (This github mirror is not used for development. Please use https://git-annex.branchable.com/bugs/ for bug reports and pull requests.) 1257 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži
601116?v=4 yi-editor/yi The Haskell-Scriptable Editor 1257 0.00000000 Ƀ Podrži