Supported Projects

Repository Description Watchers Balance
forked from bitshares/bitshares1-core
Decentralized Clearing Protocol for Entertainment Services 15 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
shadstoneofficial/clerkscart ClerksCart - Multi Vendor Marketplace 15 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
dessalines/bitpieces An international crowd-funding platform using bitcoin 12 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
forked from niryariv/KalSMS
SMSgateway 11 0.15727964 Ƀ Support project
adv0r/mtgox-api-v2-java Java library to trade Bicoins on MtGox using the Version 2.0 of their APIs. With examples 11 0.01454952 Ƀ Support project
pryds/ve PO capable editor for Android 11 0.00390050 Ƀ Support project
aluminiumgeek/cc-telegram Bot framework for Telegram Messenger 11 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
GetDotaStats/stat-collection Library for setting up stat collection for dota2 mods 11 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
TheFuturistParty/vote A platform for digital debate and voting 11 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
forked from g2x3k/litecoin-instawallet-simple
The new LTC.PE Instawallet source code 10 0.02821500 Ƀ Support project
peercoin/peercoin.net Web files for Peercoin.net 10 0.00474156 Ƀ Support project
namecoin/dns-prop279 Bridge between Tor Prop279 clients and DNS servers 9 0.02979016 Ƀ Support project
taskify/taskify Taskify Parent Repo 9 0.01905993 Ƀ Support project
TacoCoin/tacocoin The Official Repo of Tacocoin 9 0.00943614 Ƀ Support project
mburns/nomic Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is a move. Let's play! 9 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
forked from techsavver/freecoins
The source code for the Legendary Faucet Bitcoin Faucet 9 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
forked from allwarez/emerRPi
Emercoin Web Wallet 8 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
GetDotaStats/site The GetDotaStats site in all of its glory 7 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
super3/primecoin.io Web files for Primecoin.io 6 0.05956415 Ƀ Support project
shayanb/Open-Wallet-Format Bitcoin Wallet Convertor 6 0.00900000 Ƀ Support project
OpalCoin/OpalCoin 6 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
MirBSD/jupp jupp Source Code Mirror – This is a publish-only repository and all pull requests are ignored. This repository is a mirror and may receive forced (non-fast-forward) updates. Please contribute to the CVS repository of The MirOS Project instead. 5 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
secret-bitcoin-login/indigent-android-bitcoin A guide to setting up a stock android device as a mobile bitcoin appliance for people with few resources. The initial target is to provide a smooth process for panhandlers to receive bitcoin tips. 4 0.08854076 Ƀ Support project
forked from tip4commit/tip4commit
Donate primecoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 4 0.03584174 Ƀ Support project
BitcoinDictionary/bitcoindictionary The Bitcoin Dictionary is a collection of definitions of Bitcoin-related terms for the community of Bitcoin users, developers, businesses as well as anyone interested in Bitcoin. As of now, there is no single authoritative source of standardised definition of the terms that the people in the Bitcoin community are continually coming up with. This project aims to solve this problem by putting the definition of all the Bitcoin related terms in one place. 4 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
kpcyrd/tls.li Hardened TLS configuration examples 4 0.00000000 Ƀ Support project
abrkn/pg-builder PostgreSQL query builder 3 0.03883750 Ƀ Support project
namecoin/ncdns-nsis NSIS scripts for ncdns. 3 0.03182934 Ƀ Support project
techcoincommunity/techcoin 3 0.00289005 Ƀ Support project