Supported Projects

Repository Description Watchers Balance
forked from tip4commit/tip4commit
Donate peercoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 6 4.47381810 Ƀ Support
super3/peercoin_website_old Deprecated. 9 2.65854082 Ƀ Support
tip4commit/tip4commit Donate bitcoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 35 1.38833454 Ƀ Support
sferik/t A command-line power tool for Twitter. 1701 0.41855951 Ƀ Support
irungentoo/ProjectTox-Core Free as in freedom Skype replacement. 4242 0.34064098 Ƀ Support
bitcoin/bitcoin Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree 5263 0.26091992 Ƀ Support
hstove/rbtc_arbitrage A Ruby gem for automating arbitrage between the MtGox and Bitstamp bitcoin exchanges. 103 0.23301632 Ƀ Support
forked from niryariv/KalSMS
An application to bring Bitcoin to the low-teched and unbanked. 2 0.22106500 Ƀ Support
Bitmessage/PyBitmessage 1225 0.16392143 Ƀ Support
miguelfreitas/twister-core twister core / daemon 492 0.12105827 Ƀ Support
activescott/lessmsi A tool to view and extract the contents of an Windows Installer (.msi) file. 34 0.08230084 Ƀ Support
forked from tip4commit/tip4commit
Donate primecoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 0 0.06650000 Ƀ Support
super3/primecoin.io Web files for Primecoin.io 1 0.06291661 Ƀ Support
indyjo/bitwrk A Bitcoin-friendly, Anonymous Marketplace for Computing Power 21 0.05047119 Ƀ Support
popcorn-org/popcorn-app To allow any computer user to watch movies easily streaming from torrents, without any particular knowledge. 1363 0.04851495 Ƀ Support
justcoin/snow 111 0.04750000 Ƀ Support
miguelfreitas/twister-webview-app sample webview app for android 19 0.04750000 Ƀ Support
MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge Modifications to the Minecraft base files to assist in compatibility between mods. 613 0.03927577 Ƀ Support
popcorn-time/popcorn-app An experiment using the peerflix module of nodejs and connecting a bunch of APIs. 4897 0.03863650 Ƀ Support
WhisperSystems/TextSecure A secure text messaging application for Android. 2204 0.03530410 Ƀ Support
miguelfreitas/twister-html twister HTML + Javascript User Interface 102 0.03293569 Ƀ Support
forked from bitcoin/bitcoin
Official namecoin tree 228 0.02967979 Ƀ Support
slush0/stratum-mining-proxy Application providing bridge between old HTTP/getwork protocol and Stratum mining protocol. 171 0.02941419 Ƀ Support
forked from g2x3k/litecoin-instawallet-simple
The new LTC.PE Instawallet source code 7 0.02850000 Ƀ Support
WhisperSystems/RedPhone A secure calling app for Android. 953 0.02822067 Ƀ Support
qemu/qemu Official QEMU mirror 207 0.02628992 Ƀ Support
mplewis/search-umn Search the UMN People Directory (search.umn.edu) using a Python API. 2 0.02328435 Ƀ Support
zootreeves/blockchain.info 79 0.02243900 Ƀ Support
bpeel/notbit A minimal Bitmessage client 1 0.02111005 Ƀ Support
selaux/miner-dashboard Node.js based app to show the current status of your miner in a browser. 14 0.02045519 Ƀ Support